Howard County Iowa - County Weed Commissioner

Weed Commissioner

Weed Commissioner

The control of noxious weeds in Howard County requires a cooperative effort of all property owners in the county. 

The Board of Supervisors and the County Weed Commissioner encourage all property owners to become familiar with the various species of noxious weeds in the state and take the necessary control measures, during the prime growing season, to control these weeds. 

Weed Commissioner

11562 Valley Ave, P O Box 157. Cresco Iowa 52136

Monday - Friday 8:00am -  4:00pm

Phone number: (563) 547-3634
Fax number: (563) 547- 5309

Code of Iowa
Noxious Weed Identification
Notice of Weed Control Program in the Right of Way

 Your cooperation in controlling noxious weeds in Howard County will help the county be a better place to live, work and enjoy our outdoor recreation.